Chesil Gearbox & Gearbox Fittings

Chesil Gearbox & Gearbox Fittings
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Chesil Gearbox Fitment Pack

Chesil gearbox fitment pack.Kit includes;2 x Gearbox to chassis bolt, 2 x Gearbox mount rear, 1 x Gearbox mount front, 1 x Gearbox  cradle rear, 1 x gearbox earth strap, 1 x Hurst shifter, 1 x Gu..

Chesil Shortened Clutch Cable 1-2 Weeks Lead

Chesil Shortened Clutch Cable

Chesil shortened clutch cable, available in LHD and RHD.1 required per vehicle.This is a new cable, we do not shorten customer existing cables. We only supply new.If you are unsure whether this part w..