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Westfield Double Umbrella

Westfield logo double umbrella.Perfect umbrella for every Westfield model. Will cover cockpit area and shield you and the inside of the car from a downpour.Perfect gift idea and essential to all of th..


Westfield Driving Gloves

Westfield Driving Gloves with Westfield Sunburst logo...

Westfield Book- The Story 1-2 Weeks Lead Time

Westfield Power Bank Charger

Westfield Power Bank Charger.Ideal for those trips out in the Westie to keep your phones, ipads and vapes charged up.2200 mAh capacity (milliamps per hour, which is the measure of charge the power ban..


Westfield Lapel Badge

 Westfield Lapel Badge- Black only  Ideal for wearing on your Westfield Sports Jacket    Any questions please contact us on or call 01384 ..


Westfield Mug

Black Mug with Westfield Sports Cars Logo. Ideal for those tea breaks when working on your westfield. A great gift idea or stocking filler for any westfield owner..


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers to be used against purchases with Westfield parts department, please present when purchasing parts. Available in - £5 £10 £25 £50 and £200.Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction ..



Powerflex Bush Package (x18) 1-2 Weeks Lead Time

Powerflex Bush Package (x18)

Powerflex bush package Included in this package is a whole set of bushes (x18) to complete your WestfieldSuitable for all Westfield models.   If you are unsure whether this part wil..


Carbon Effect Dashboard - Wide body cars.

Carbon effect dashboard for wide bodied cars.Please note this dash is made to suit wide body cars only however some people have modified it to suit a standard body car.This product is for a blank carb..

Windscreen kit heated black 5-6 Weeks Lead Time

Windscreen kit heated black

Heated Windscreen Kit EpoxyKit includes, heated windscreen, windscreen pillars, mirrors, fittings, heated screen loom and warning light *************ALL WINDSCREENS REQUIRE A PACKING BOX TO ENSURE ..


Half Cage , MSA Spec - Wide Body

Half cage roll bar for widebody cars, with double central cross brace and 2 rear stays. Suitable for classic and FW body styles. Supplied with all nuts bolts and washers, all parts needed t..


3rd Gen Wide Track Front Wishbone Kit with Ball Joint Set

Wide track front wishbone kit 3rd generation. Lighter widetrack kit, using new style light weight ball joints, a development filter down from the Sport Turbo ST3 Westfield. The full set of wishb..


6" Cat Silencer re-packable

Silencer 6" - stainless steel - catalytic converter inside - 50mm outlet to manifoldFor use with most Westfields after the year 2000. A 6" silencer fitting kit will need to be purchased separa..

Heater Kit, Duct & Ducting 3-4 Weeks Lead Time

Heater Kit, Duct & Ducting

Heater kit, duct & ducting   If you are unsure whether this part will fit your Westfield, please contact us on or call 01384 400077  ..

Half Hood - MSA Approved Roll Bar 3-4 Weeks Lead Time

Half Hood - MSA Approved Roll Bar

Westfield half hood - To fit Westfield MSA roll bar-  Wide body Westfields (Wide body standard on all kits and cars manufactured since 2000) Complete kit with all mountings, straps a..